Two years ago.

Two years ago, we were just starting our epic road trip with Oscar, #gtfOscarRoadTrip2019…

It was an incredible adventure. It was our first road trip with Oscar and our first to Outer Banks…

It seems like every hotel we stayed at had a continental breakfast with a waffle maker. I ate a bunch of waffles on our road trip…

And it started a vacation photo series of Genifer eating breakfasts…

It really lived up to it’s hashtag of an epic road trip. 😀🐾🗺️🧇😍❤️

Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Afternoon in our backyard.

It was so gorgeous outside this afternoon. The weather tablet in our office said it was an unseasonably warm 87º outside…

Oscar’s groomer was deemed non-essential when the closed all the Ohio businesses. He’s gotten so shaggy over the six weeks. And you could tell lately he’s just been really warm and uncomfortable…

So this afternoon we tried to give Oscar a haircut…

I’ve cut my hair twice so far during the stay home. It’s turned out pretty nice both times.
I thought, “How hard could it be to cut Oscar’s hair?”

It turns out that cutting Oscar’s hair is a lot harder…

I didn’t do a very good job. At all…

Dang. Sorry, buddy. I have a new respect for the amazing job Lauren at VCA College Hill does with Oscar.

Later, we fired up the grill again…

Those burgers were just out of this world. 😀🐾🍔🌭❤️

UPDATE: Oscar’s groomer has started to take appointments again starting May 13th and he has an appointment for Friday, May 15th. So he won’t have to be uncomfortable for much longer and maybe she can even out the mess I made of his coat.

NYPD & Reds baseball.

This evening we ordered a Station House Pizza from NYPD and watched the Reds. NYPD pizza and Reds baseball sounds like a pretty perfect Tuesday evening to me…

We really like NYPD’s pizzas. They’re such good stuff. But the Reds lost 12-3 to the Pirates. :/

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