Two years ago.

Two years ago, we were just starting our epic road trip with Oscar, #gtfOscarRoadTrip2019…

It was an incredible adventure. It was our first road trip with Oscar and our first to Outer Banks…

It seems like every hotel we stayed at had a continental breakfast with a waffle maker. I ate a bunch of waffles on our road trip…

And it started a vacation photo series of Genifer eating breakfasts…

It really lived up to it’s hashtag of an epic road trip. 😀🐾🗺️🧇😍❤️

We’re back from our epic road trip!

We made it back to Cincinnati this afternoon…

And we’re back home. We returned our rental SUV. picked up Mack from his kennel and our house survived just fine…

The grass was a bit long. But none the worse for wear. We had a great time on our epic road trip! Over 10 days, we covered almost 1950 miles through seven states.

We hope you followed along on our adventure. If not, check out our Instagrams. All of our photos have been posted and labeled on Flickr. And we even uploaded some videos to our YouTubeIt was a great trip. We had a wonderful time. But it’s really nice to be home. 😀🗺️❤️

After these messages…

We’ll be right back. We’re going on an epic road trip with Oscar. Follow along on our Instagrams, our Flickr, and our YouTube. 😀🐶🏖️🗺️🐾❤️

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