And we’re back!

We’re home from our week out in the Outer Banks. We stayed in the little town of Duck again. We really like it out there in the Outer Banks, and Duck in particular…

The house we stayed in was so nice…

It was just a short walk from the house down the street to the beach…

We woke up to watch the sunrise every morning…

Then we’d drive to get coffees from Duck Cottage…

We’d sit on the patio on and drink our coffee…

We’d walk down and sit on the beach…

We’d go find something amazing to eat for lunch…

Then we were back on the patio or we’d hang out inside and watch TV…

And we’d watch the sunset…

There were so many stars at night…

It was so wonderful and relaxing and low-key. And we got to repeat that routine all pretty much week. There were a few variations. One morning, we got breakfast from Treehouse Coffee. We drove up to Corolla one afternoon to see the Currituck Lighthouse and Whalebone House. We got some espresso milkshakes from Sunset Ice Cream. The weather was really beautiful all week. It only rained on our last day but that gave us the perfect opportunity to check out some of the local gift shops. And we found some great treasure and souvenirs.

It was a really wonderful week. And now we feel ready for what looks like a very long, cold COVID-19 winter. 😀🌅🗺️🦆❤️

Click to see all of our photos from our trip and a handful of little videos too.

After these messages…

We’ll be right back. We’re heading back out to Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks. We love it out there and we had such a fun time in August that we wanted to go sit on the beach again before we lock ourselves inside our house for the winter.

Follow along on our Flickr, our YouTube and maybe our our Instagrams if we can get back into it. But I wouldn’t hold your breath. 😀🗺️❤️

And we’re back.

We’re back from our road trip to Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks. We were really happy that we had the chance to getaway for a few days. And we had a really wonderful time…

The house we stayed in was really nice, a little older but it had plenty of space and a terrific salt water pool. It was also in a great location just outside out of downtown Duck with just a short walk down Seahawk Drive West and then to the beach. We spent a lot of time at the beach and in the pool

We got up to watch the sunrise on the beach one morning, and got coffees from three different coffee shops… Sweet T’s, Duck Cottage and Treehouse Coffee. We also got espresso milkshakes from Sunset Ice Cream. We had some really great meals at Rundown Cafe (Bloody Marys and coconut shrimps), Duck Duck Burgers (mmmmburgers), Treehouse Coffee (chicken biscuit), Coastal Cravings (crab cakes, shrimps, clams and hush puppies) and Aqua (Mahi tacos and fish & chips with bang shrimps and the banana pudding cheesecake). So much good stuff. And we got to wander through some of the many souvenir shops.

This trip marked two years in a row for us at the Outer Banks. We really liked Duck. We liked it a lot more than when we were out in Nags Head last year. Duck was very walkable. It just seemed like there was more to do and everything was a lot closer.

We really hope to make a trip to the Outer Banks an every year event. It’s really wonderful out there. And we just really like it a lot. We’re already thinking about our next trip out to the Outer Banks. Did I mention we like it out there?

We drove out to Outer Banks through Ohio through West Virginia. It was really pretty driving through West Virginia but the Google Maps took us on these twisting, turning little two lane roads through the mountains that were pretty white knuckle at times. It turns out that we had the “avoid toll roads” option turned ON in Google Maps. And it took us on some of the most narrow winding roads through the mountains of West Virginia from Charleston to Lewisburg. We stopped in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday night. And we found a Krispy Kreme right by our hotel Sunday morning. And we coasted the rest of the way into Duck on Sunday afternoon.

After relaxing in Duck for the week, we dropped down the coast to Surf City on Top Sail Island. We had lunch at Surf Dog (I got my delicious Carolina BBQ) and had a beer at Salty Turtle Beer Co. before staying at North Top Sail Beach. We swam in their pool, watched Goonies in our room and drank a crowler from Salty Turtle.

We drove back home through North Carolina to avoid the treacherous West Virginia mountain roads but the roads on the way back got a little dicey too. Not nearly as bad a West Virginia but there was a 20 mile stretch that wasn’t a cake walk. But we also got to go through a tunnel. So, it all evens out. We eventually made it and we stopped in Knoxville and had pizza before heading home the next day.

We took a bunch of photos during our adventure. We didn’t do a lot with Instagram this trip. I think we’ve kind of lost interest in the ‘grams. I might go and #Latergram some photos. But our Flickr album from this trip has over 1000 photos. There were just a lot of great memories made on this trip.

It was a great trip. We had a wonderful time. But it’s really nice to be home.😀🗺️🏖️❤️

After these messages…

We’ll be right back. We’re heading to Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks with Genifer’s family. We’re really excited to be leaving the house to go someplace other than the grocery store or Taft’s Brewpourium.

Follow along on our Instagrams, our Flickr, and our YouTube. 😀🗺️❤️

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