Super Wolf Blood Moon.

Tonight, the moon passed through Earth’s shadow in the only total lunar eclipse of 2019. The next total eclipse won’t happen until 2021, and we’ll have to wait until 2022 for a blood moon to be visible again from North America. A blood moon is when the moon goes into eclipse and turns blood red. Tonight’s total lunar eclipse also occurred while the moon was very near it’s closest point to Earth this month, making it a supermoon. And since January’s full moon is also known as a Wolf Moon, that’s led some people to call tonight’s lunar event… Super Blood Wolf Moon.

During a total eclipse, the moon passes so deep into the shadow that any light reaching its surface only comes from the edge of Earth, where sunrises and sunsets are taking place. That light falls on to the moon and turns it red. Tonight when the moon went into eclipse, it turned blood red. We could see the full moon just above the horizon on our way out to watch the conference championship football games…

And later, we snuck outside to try to get a peek at the Super Wolf Blood Moon…

It was too cold outside to break out the dSLR cameras, big lenses or tripod. I just used my Samsung Galaxy Note9 and my new Moment 60mm Tele lens…

I got this capture that I was pretty happy with…

I love lunar events like this and really anything to do with the moon. 😀🌕❤️

ps. Click to see some really incredible photos of the Super Wolf Blood Moon from

An almost supermoon.

There was an almost supermoon this evening. It was a 98.7% full moon. It’ll be a full-fledged full supermoon tomorrow night but it’s been so rainy lately that I don’t know that we’ll actually be able to see it tomorrow. And it’ll be the last supermoon until 2020 so here’s an almost supermoon…

Goodnight moon. 😀🌕🌝❤️

Super blue blood moon.

I woke up at extra early this morning to try to catch a peek of the super blue blood moon. But I think I might have got up too early to see the specialness. I guess it didn’t matter all that much. The view of the moon from our bedroom window was pretty obstructed by the trees in our backyard. But it was a still a really big, bright beautiful moon…

When I got up at the normal time to get ready for work, the moon had moved out of view from our bedroom window. So I guess we missed seeing the super blue blood moon. But the photos I saw of it online looked pretty spectacular. 😀🌑❤️

Hello, Super Moon.

When I was walking home from the bus stop, the moon was already super huge…

I’m really excited about tomorrow morning’s super blue blood moon. I hope we have a decent view of it. 😀🌕❤️

Sunday Funday.

I was feeling a little bit better today. So we walked over to Northside Yacht Club for brunch. On our way to NSYC, we stumbled across another Little Free Library

Yacht Club makes a pretty spectacular Bloody Mary…

They’re topped with a pulled pork slider, a chicken wing, strip of bacon and an olive. We shared a breakfast skillet called The Hawt Mess. It had a little bit of everything in it and it was really good. So… much… food. After brunch, we headed over to Second Place to watch the Big Ten Tournament Championship game. Along the way, we noticed this very happy little section of sidewalk on Spring Grove Avenue…

And Michigan won their first Big Ten Tournament Championship since 1998

When we got home, we watched that crazy MLS snow bowl match between Atlanta and Minnesota where they actually stopped the match for snow removal…

Later, we took Oscar on a walk around the block…

And the mmoon was really big and so bright…

It was a really great Sunday. 🙂

Super moon.

Here’s what tonight’s super moon looked like from our bedroom window…

The moon was every bit as bright as the streetlight. I took a couple of photos out of our window with my Polaroid Cube too…


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