Seen and noted.

I was trying to take a photo of downtown Cincinnati from one of the windows at Grey Midwest. And my Polaroid CUBE+ took a selfie of itself instead…

Taken with my Polaroid CUBE+. 😀🏙️📷❤️

Labor Day fireworks.

This evening we were invited to our friend Robert’s house in Mount Adams to watch the annual big Labor Day fireworks spectacular. Even when we lived downtown, we usually didn’t bother with the Labor Day fireworks because it’s just a mess of people and traffic. But we were invited and a bunch of our friends were all going so what the heck. He had an incredible view of downtown and the Ohio Riverfront from his patio, perfect for watching the fireworks. It was definitely the best view we’ve had for watching these fireworks. We had a very colorful Uber ride to Mount Adams…

I was messing around with the LapseIt app again during the fireworks…

I also took a video of the entire spectacular fireworks display with my Polaroid CUBE+. That video ended up being just under a half hour long, and there was a lot of chit-chat in the background. So I sped up the video and condensed it to just five minutes and cut out all the sound…

I also captured a couple of slow-motion photos that I posted straight to my Instagram. After the fireworks, there was beer pong…

And there was some flip cup…

I’ve never really played a whole bunch of drinking games. It’s a fact that people find somewhat shocking. When I was younger, we would just go out and get drinks. We didn’t play games. We’d just get drinks. Drinking games always seemed pretty silly. What’s not silly was the view of downtown from Rob’s place…

Everyone headed out to bar hop in Mount Adams, and we hopped in an Uber to head back to Northside. It was a really fun night. 😀🎆❤️


As the work day neared its end, a thunderstorm started to descend on downtown…

And then the rain came down in buckets for the drive home…

It’s been ridiculously rainy lately. Taken with my Polaroid CUBE+. 😀🌧️☔️❤️

Seen and noted.

I’ve posted a photo of this before but I love this Toynbee Tile on Seventh Street…

Unfortunately, it’s probably only a matter of time before it gets paved over. Taken with my Polaroid CUBE+. 😀🖌️❤️

Seen and noted.

I haven’t been riding the bus that much lately. Genifer drops me off at work every morning. And since her work expanded her hours, she’s been picking me up from work in the evenings as well. This afternoon Genifer went to happy hour at Higher Gravity with our friend Tayler, which left me to ride the bus home. While I was riding the bus, I thought all the yellow flowers in the front yard of this house are really pretty…

I tried to get a photo of HG from the bus as it rolled passed and this is what my Polaroid CUBE+ decided to capture…

You win some and you lose some. Taken with my Polaroid CUBE+. 😀🌻❤️

Along I-75 South.

This afternoon we went up to West Chester to pick up Oscar. He’s been staying with Geri while I recovered from my surgery. It’s great to have him coming back home…

Every time we drive home along I-75 from up north, we pass this odd little building next to the train tracks that run alongside the highway. We’ve passed it a bunch of times since we’ve moved to Northside but I’ve never got to take a photo of it because I’m usually driving. Today, I got to be the passenger on our way home from picking up Oscar. And I finally got to take some photos of that odd little building…

I took a video out the window on our way home too with my new Polaroid CUBE+

I don’t know why, but I just love videos taken out of the windows of cars. Just watching all the scenery go by, there’s something very en about it to me. I also took some photos with my CUBE+ on our way home once we got off I-75…

My new CUBE+ is fun. But it’s so good to have Oscar home again.

Corners of our home.

A corner of my desk in our office. I was just playing around with my Polaroid CUBE+.

Pause for paws.

Just Oscar being Oscar in our backyard. Taken with my new Polaroid CUBE+. 😀🐾❤️

Pause for paws.

This evening we were getting our stuff together in anticipation of our big fun Bunbury Music Festival weekend downtown, and Oscar was playing peek-a-boo in his new comforter that Grandma gave him when she was over on Memorial Day…

He’s so silly with that blanket. He loves doing roll-arounds on it, and he loves it when you cover him up and rub him through the blanket. You just have to be really careful with your fingers and toes because he’ll start to play rougher and rougher and has nipped some fingers and toes before. He’s so funny.

I also took these photos of Mack with my Polaroid CUBE…

I made the mistake of setting down my Polaroid CUBE shortly after taking this photo. When I turned away, Mack got hold of it and started chewing it. And that sucks. The bad news is, he chewed it and in doing so cracked the little plastic lens cover on the front of the camera. Good news is it still works. But the bad news is there isn’t any way to really protect the lens now. Better news I found the upgraded Polaroid CUBE super on sale for less than I paid for my original CUBE. And the upgraded CUBE has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and free app that turns your mobile device into a viewfinder and shutter remote that works up to 30 feet away. I’ve been wanting the upgraded CUBE for a while. So good dog, Mack.  I’ll just be more mindful of where I set my new CUBE when it arrives. Thankfully that’s the only thing he’s chewed so far. Knock on wood.

I’m really bummed about my old CUBE but super excited for my new CUBE. 😀🐾📷❤️

Still more thunderstorms.

After our dog walk and after we finished our pizza, we were upstairs in our bedroom tidying up and we heard thunder and looked out the window towards our backyard to see these menacing looking clouds…

And when we looked out the window in the front of the house, we saw this scene…

Now granted I took this photo with my Polaroid CUBE so the contrast is a little jacked up but still. Those were some serious looking storm clouds that thankfully skipped right over our neighborhood and dumped their rain somewhere else. 😀☁️❤️

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