Labor Day fireworks.

This evening we were invited to our friend Robert’s house in Mount Adams to watch the annual big Labor Day fireworks spectacular. Even when we lived downtown, we usually didn’t bother with the Labor Day fireworks because it’s just a mess of people and traffic. But we were invited and a bunch of our friends were all going so what the heck. He had an incredible view of downtown and the Ohio Riverfront from his patio, perfect for watching the fireworks. It was definitely the best view we’ve had for watching these fireworks. We had a very colorful Uber ride to Mount Adams…

I was messing around with the LapseIt app again during the fireworks…

I also took a video of the entire spectacular fireworks display with my Polaroid CUBE+. That video ended up being just under a half hour long, and there was a lot of chit-chat in the background. So I sped up the video and condensed it to just five minutes and cut out all the sound…

I also captured a couple of slow-motion photos that I posted straight to my Instagram. After the fireworks, there was beer pong…

And there was some flip cup…

I’ve never really played a whole bunch of drinking games. It’s a fact that people find somewhat shocking. When I was younger, we would just go out and get drinks. We didn’t play games. We’d just get drinks. Drinking games always seemed pretty silly. What’s not silly was the view of downtown from Rob’s place…

Everyone headed out to bar hop in Mount Adams, and we hopped in an Uber to head back to Northside. It was a really fun night. 😀🎆❤️

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