Our back patio.

After loading up on mosquito repellent, we hung out on our back patio this evening…

We love our back patio except for all the mosquitos. 😀🏡❤️

We were making confetti.

I’ve been wanting a nice paper shredder for a while. I finally got around to ordering one through Amazon and it was waiting for us when we got home yesterday evening…

It’s weird to get all excited about a silly thing like a paper shredder but I was so very excited about getting to test it out. And today, I got to really give it a good workout by shredding a whole big stack of papers that had been accumulating since we moved into our house. And it worked great…

I ended up shredding enough paper to fill a 13-gallon trash bag with confetti that we were then able to recycle. 😀🎊❤️

Corners of our home.

We got this new rug for our office…

I like bears. 😀🐻❤️

Happy Alpine Route Transporters.

When we were up in Michigan, my sister brought us back some really really great gifts from her recent trip to Japan. Among them were these incredible little bags…

I love how all the different Alpine route transporters all look so happy. And they’re so adorable. She also brought us a yellow version…

Thank you for bringing us back some incredible treasures from your trip to Japan, Shannon! That was super nice of you. 😀🚍❤️

Check out this guy.

This is a Soft ‘N Slo Squishies Duck Cutiez with Cutiez Bear Costume…

He’s basically a really squishy adorable little duck that you can stuff inside of a slightly less squishy bear costume. How ridiculously stupid cute is that? And here he is shot with my Polaroid CUBE+…

What will they think of next? 😀🦆🐻❤️

Bay Horse Cafe to celebrate 40 years.

This afternoon the office closed a little early to walk down to Bay Horse Cafe

We paused to celebrate our CEO and fearless leader, Doug Studer’s 40th-anniversary of work at Deskey…

Forty years with one company is a very momentous achievement…


It was a fun afternoon celebrating an incredible career achievement. And Bay Horse Cafe is a great little place. I can’t wait to head back soon for another beer and maybe grab some lunch from Bay Horse sometime soon. 😀🎂🍻❤️


As the work day neared its end, a thunderstorm started to descend on downtown…

And then the rain came down in buckets for the drive home…

It’s been ridiculously rainy lately. Taken with my Polaroid CUBE+. 😀🌧️☔️❤️

Physical therapy helps a lot.

I had physical therapy this morning and afterwards, my hips felt a lot better…

My hips always feel better after physical therapy. Unfortunately, I only have a few more sessions of physical therapy. 😀🏥❤️

Good morning from Northside.

Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Seen and noted.

This evening we saw this sticker on the back of a car on our street…

We thought for certain that Warsaw Falcons were a sports team for some sorts. But come to find out that Warsaw Falcons are, in fact, a band that has performed both locally and regionally over 20 years. Who knew? 😀🐦❤️

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