Goodnight moon.

There was a really big moon this evening. It was almost as bright as the streetlight…


Seen and noted.

I’ve posted a photo of this before but I love this Toynbee Tile on Seventh Street…

Unfortunately, it’s probably only a matter of time before it gets paved over. Taken with my Polaroid CUBE+. 😀🖌️❤️

It’s Skyline time!

It was Skyline Time for lunch today. Come to find out that in addition to being the Official Chili of our Cincinnati Reds, Skyline in is the Official Chili of our FC Cincinnati. And for a limited time, you could get a free FC Cincinnati cup with your purchase…

Done and done…

Skyline time is delicious. 😀🌭⚽️❤️

The courtyard at The Christ Hospital.

When we’re walking to and from my physical therapy in The Christ Hospital, we always walk past this wonderfully beautiful and serene courtyard…

I only have a handful of physical therapies left. 😀🏥❤️

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