My last physical therapy.

I had my final session of physical therapy again bright and early this morning…

It’ll be really weird to not come here twice a week. By my estimation, I think I put in over 30 hours of physical therapy between both hips. But it’s done its job. Both of my new hips are feeling really good, strong and relatively pain-free. A huge thank you to my therapists, Jenny and Greg for helping me get back on my feet. 😀🏥❤️

Physical therapy helps a lot.

I had physical therapy this morning and afterwards, my hips felt a lot better…

My hips always feel better after physical therapy. Unfortunately, I only have a few more sessions of physical therapy. 😀🏥❤️

My six-week post-op checkup.

Today, I had the six-week post-op check-up after my left hip revision surgery. The appointment was initially scheduled for next week but I called to have it moved it up to this morning.

Yesterday, I was experiencing a fair amount of discomfort in my right hip. I don’t know how to describe it other than it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t hurt at all. It was just no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get comfortable when I was sitting at work. It started to feel better once I got home and could lay down.

But better safe than sorry. They took X-rays of both hips together and then just the right one that was causing discomfort…

My doctor said that both hips looked great. They said that the liner slip that caused the revision surgery was very rare. The odds of it happening again or something happening to the other hip were astronomical. And that the discomfort I was experiencing was most likely a muscle issue that may arise from time to time. I’m still trying to figure out what the new normal is for me now. 😀🏥❤️

The courtyard at The Christ Hospital.

When we’re walking to and from my physical therapy in The Christ Hospital, we always walk past this wonderfully beautiful and serene courtyard…

I only have a handful of physical therapies left. 😀🏥❤️

This is what I’ve waiting for.

This morning was my very first physical therapy with two new hips. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment. I’m very excited to start working on making both legs stronger…

I look forward to the day when I can walk again without any pain or discomfort. And hopefully, that day is quickly approaching very soon. Taken with Instagram. 😀🏥❤️

Physical therapy.

Late this afternoon I rode the Metro 24 bus from work downtown up one of Cincinnati’s many hills into Mount Auburn to make my way back again to The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center. Metro made it a piece of cake to get up to The Christ Hospital. The bus ride was super easy and dropped me off right in front of the hospital. I was back at the Joint & Spine Center because today was my scheduled physical therapy re-evaluation of my left hip replacement after the revision surgery. They do evaluation testing to get baseline measurements for the current range of motion of my hip. Those numbers are then submitted to the insurance company to determine approximately how many physical therapy sessions it will take to get today’s baseline measurements to return to as close as possible to the full range of motion for my hip…

Genifer met me at therapy so she didn’t have to come all the way downtown just to turn around and take me right back in the direction she just came from.

Everything went really well with the therapy. The therapist I was working with today said that the baseline measurements looked very good. And gave me some new exercises to do at home to strengthen my hip. The physical therapist also told me that he had been working at The Christ Hospital for the last ten years and during that time my hip revision surgery was just the third one that he had heard of at The Christ Hospital. So I guess what happened to me was a very, very rare occurrence.

Now, I have the first six sessions of physical therapy scheduled for my hip starting next Wednesday. I can’t wait to get back into therapy and really start the strengthening my hip so my hip can start to get back to normal. For the first time in years, I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally. 😀🏥❤️

Good morning from Mount Auburn.

Good morning from The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center in Mount Auburn…

And after meeting with a couple of physical therapists, we were headed home. 😀🏥❤️

My left hip revision surgery.

This afternoon I went back to The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center to undergo my hip revision surgery on my total left hip replacement.

From what I was told, the procedure went great and the revision was a complete success. Genifer hung out with me until the Reds game was about to scheduled to start and then she left to let Mack out in our backyard to go potty…

The bear Genifer got me for my first left hip surgery kept me company…

I had a much better-positioned recovery room this time around for the Reds Friday Night Fireworks. Last time, I could kind of see the fireworks from my recovery room. This time around I had an excellent front room seat for the show…

I had a chef salad for an evening snack…

They had the best bread pudding. It was delicious. I’ll definitely miss having them bring me the delicious bread pudding with caramel sauce.

After a long rain delay, I finally got to watch the Reds game…

I saw bits and pieces of the game. I guess the Reds lost 12-1. Ouch.

It wasn’t exactly the way I planned on spending my Friday but all things considered, everything went very well. I rested comfortably for the rest of the evening. 😀🏥❤️

My second hip surgery.

Early yesterday morning, we drove back over to The Christ Hospital in Mount Auburn for my second hip surgery. Today, I was scheduled for a total left hip replacement…

The prep for the surgery went very smooth and very quickly. The actual surgery seemed to be over in a snap of the fingers, and just like that next thing I knew, I was in post-op chomping on pieces of ice, and not long after that, I was up in the recovery room where Genfier was already waiting for me…

We could see downtown Cincinnati again from the big window in our room…

Genifer got me this awesome blue bear in the gift shop…

She said she wanted to get something that said the Christ Hospital on it. But they really didn’t have anything like that. This guy was about the closest thing she could find. But every time I see him, I’ll think of my surgeries. We hung out together all afternoon into the evening in our recovery room. We had some room service while we watched most of the Reds game on TV together before she left to go home to let Mack out of his crate. Oscar was staying with Genifer’s mom for the weekend. After the Reds lost to the Brewers, I could kind of almost see the Reds Friday Night Fireworks from our recovery room above my red bag on the sofa…

After the fireworks, I laid down to try to get some rest. But it’s really hard to get a lot of rest in a hospital because people keep coming in and poking and prodding you. I took a photo out the window every time someone came into the room and woke me up…

And I was pretty much awake at this point…

I met with a physical therapist at 7:30am who had me walking up and down the hallways with a walker…

After meeting with a physical therapist, I ordered us some breakfast…

Genifer brought us coffees from Sidewinder. We started watching the France versus Argentina Round of 16 World Cup match. When I left to meet with another physical therapist, France was up 2-1. When I got back to our room after walking some stairs and walking up and down the hallway on crutches, this is the score I saw…

By 12:30, we were in the car and on our way to Walgreens to fill my prescriptions. Then I was home resting comfortably in bed with my new friend. You’re my boy, blue!

When we got home, we laid around and watched Uruguay knock Portugal out of the World Cup and then a thriller of an MLS match between Seattle and Portland before missing just our second home FC Cincinnati match ever, But we got to watch the FC|C match on TV. And they won, 2-0! My first day of recovering from hip replacement surgery hasn’t been that bad at all. So far so good. I hope the rest of this recovery is as smooth and relatively pain-free as today has been. Fingers crossed. And once again, I can’t really say enough about The Christ Hospital. The doctors and all the staff were just incredible. Everyone was so extraordinarily nice, so helpful and went out of their way to make sure I was always as comfortable as possible and that had everything I needed during my brief stay. It’ll be amazing once my physical therapy is complete and I’m back to 100% with no more hip pain. I don’t even know that I can fully fathom what that would be like. But I bet it’ll be pretty incredible. It’s been a very long time coming.

Here we go again.

This afternoon I had my pre-operation physical and blood work done for my next surgery on Friday. They said that everything looked good. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this but it’ll be good once it’s behind us. 😶🏥❤️

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