Two years ago.

Two years ago today, I had my six-week post-operation checkup from my first total hip replacement surgery

Everything is still feeling really good with my new hips. It’s pretty bonkers that it’s been over two years since I had my first hip replaced. It’s also pretty bonkers that all that hardware is in my body.  😀🏥❤️

One year ago…

One year ago today, I had my six-week post-op check-up. I still think it’s pretty crazy that all this stuff is in my body. Modern medicine is just nuts…

A year later, and everything feels really good. I don’t think I’m going to be running any marathons any time soon. But I very rarely have any sort of discomfort. I think I’ve kind of figured out what the new normal is for me now. I hope my hips stay feeling good like this for a long time to come. 😀🏥❤️

My six-week post-op checkup.

Today, I had the six-week post-op check-up after my left hip revision surgery. The appointment was initially scheduled for next week but I called to have it moved it up to this morning.

Yesterday, I was experiencing a fair amount of discomfort in my right hip. I don’t know how to describe it other than it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t hurt at all. It was just no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get comfortable when I was sitting at work. It started to feel better once I got home and could lay down.

But better safe than sorry. They took X-rays of both hips together and then just the right one that was causing discomfort…

My doctor said that both hips looked great. They said that the liner slip that caused the revision surgery was very rare. The odds of it happening again or something happening to the other hip were astronomical. And that the discomfort I was experiencing was most likely a muscle issue that may arise from time to time. I’m still trying to figure out what the new normal is for me now. 😀🏥❤️

My six-week post-op checkup.

This afternoon I had my six-week post-operation checkup…

It’s pretty crazy to think that it’s already been six weeks since my hip surgery

They took a couple of x-rays of my new hip. My doctor said that everything looked great on the x-rays. And he said that it looked like I was walking very well with my new hip. Everyone at The Christ Hospital did such an amazing job with this entire procedure. It’s incredible to think that just six weeks after my surgery, I’m walking unassisted without crutches or a cane and without any pain. I’m not going to post photos of the x-rays in this blog post but you can see them here, here, and both of them here. They’re not gross or anything but I know some people might be squeamish about that sort of thing. And that’s okay. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about seeing them. But I was kind of in awe of them. Looking at the x-rays, it’s just pretty crazy to think that piece of hardware is inside of me along with one very sizeable screw. And what really struck me after looking at the x-rays is that the whole thing didn’t hurt more. You’d think there would have been some amount of rather horrific pain afterwards. But that wasn’t the case at all. There was very little pain after my surgery and throughout the entire recovery process. I hope everything goes just as smoothly with my next hip surgery because this one wasn’t really that bad at all.

Next week, I have my last two sessions of physical therapy and then I’m done with everything for a few months until I have my other hip replaced at the end of June, physical therapy in July and I’ll be good as new by August.  😀🏥❤️

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