Pause for paws.

When we sit out on our back patio and Genifer goes inside for something, Oscar and Mack both immediately sit down and stare at the door…

And then she comes back and they go about their business. They’re pretty silly. 😀🐾❤️

Hello praying mantis.

When we were sitting out on our back patio, a praying mantis appeared out of nowhere and started climbing up the side of my water bottle…

It was kinda crazy to have a praying mantis just wander by and say hello. 😀🦗❤️

A stop at Streetside.

Being right in the neighborhood after lunch at Taglio, we stopped for a little sampler at Streetside Brewery. We love Streetside…

#15 was outstanding! Trouble in Paradise Millkshake Blonde with mango, passion fruit and guava. It was more like drinking juice and less like drinking a beer…

And we brought home a couple more crowlers with us to bring up to Michigan…


Taglio Pizza.

After my physical therapy, we stopped in Columbia Tusculum for lunch at Taglio Pizza. We first heard about Taglio through their Instagram. They are becoming quite well known for their deep dish Detroit style pizza. We weren’t aware there was such a thing as Detroit style pizza. But the photos looked amazing, we had to try this incredible looking pizza for ourselves…

We ordered the deep dish Spicy Italian…

And look at that beauty. It’s a work of art. A delicious, looking work of eatable art…

Taglio’s deep dish pizza is every bit as delicious as it looks. I can’t wait until we have the opportunity to eat it again. The best part of Taglio’s Detroit deep dish pizza is it only comes in one size with eight slice which means there were still plenty of leftovers for us to eat later. 😀🍕😍❤️

Urbana Cafe.

On the way to my physical therapy, we stopped in East Walnut Hills at Urbana Cafe for a coffee. Urbana Cafe just recently opened down the street from where Genifer works and she thought the place was so cute that I had to see it…

Such a cute little cafe. And the coffee was really good too. I want to open a super cute little coffee shop just to decorate it and then post photos to its Instagram. 😀☕️❤️

The wait is almost over!

English Premier League soccer is back in just one week! And I’m so excited!

Check out NBC Sports season preview for my favorite club, Arsenal! 😀⚽️❤️

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