Good evening from our backyard.

Later, we took the dogs out on a walk. I love the hill at the end of our street, especially at night. It’s so pretty…

Good evening from our backyard. And good evening from Northside. 😀🌄🐾❤️

Happy National Drink Beer Day!

Today was National Drink Beer Day! We went to Taft’s Brewpourium to celebrate…

It was a delicious way to celebrate a kind of silly holiday. 😀🍺❤️

We ❤️ Blue Jay.

We went to Blue Jay for breakfast/lunch late this morning. I would have called it brunch. But I reserve brunch for Sundays. Genifer wanted lunch and I wanted breakfast. And since it wasn’t Friday, I’m just going to call it breakfast/lunch…

Genifer got a five-way and french fries…

I got a sausage omelet with a flapjack…

YUM! We ❤️ Blue Jay. 😀🐦🥞❤️

The Alleys of Northside.

In between the main streets in Northside are a bunch of little alleys. I’m guessing they are used or were used so people could get to their garages or driveways behind their homes. But they seem to be in quite the state of disrepair. They are wonderful to look down but still kind of creepy enough to not wander too far down…

Someday when I don’t have anything else to do, I would love to ride my bike around Northside and photography all these little alleys and turn it into a book, The Alleys of Northside. It would also be really interesting to photograph them in different seasons and different times of the day. That would be interesting… to me. I find all these little alleys fascinating. I bet you there are all sorts of visual treasures down there. 😀📷❤️

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