CDW18: AIGA Agency Crawl.

Tonight, Deskey was part of the Cincinnati Design Week 2018 AIGA Agency Crawl

Braxton Brewing Company was kind enough to provide us with a selection of liquid refreshment for the agency crawl…

And then it was show time!

In Deskey’s conference room, there was a collaborative art installation that was serving as a conversation starter about topics that are important to women in the creative community called WomanUp: Talk Back

The tour moved through Deskey’s sixth-floor space…

And down to Deskey’s fifth-floor space…

And I captured this LapseIt time-lapse on our fifth floor. It was a really fun night getting to show off our Deskey workspace. 😀🖥️❤️

It’s a sign.

It’s almost that time of year again. 😀🇩🇪🍺❤️