The first day of Summer.

Today was the first day of Summer! And it’s Saturday. Good morning from Northside…

For breakfast, I tried one of these Kodiak Cake Blueberry & Maple Flapjack Cups…

It was pretty darn good for just a little microwave pancake cup. Later, we walked down to Blue Jay to get some lunch…

Genifer ordered a huge Greek salad with a side of french fries and I ordered two cheese coneys with a side of french fries as well…

Look at the size of this pepperoncini that came with Genifer’s salad…

It was almost as big as my cheese coney. I ate it. It was really spicy. I probably wouldn’t do that again. It made my eyes water. Other than that mistake, lunch at Blue Jay was great as always.

When we were walking home, we couldn’t help but notice that the front of the Jackson Hewitt tax office was all smashed in…

Apparently last night, someone ran the red light at the corner of Chase and Hamilton and lost control of their vehicle and smashed into the front of this office, which is right on the street corner. People running red lights has become a real problem in Cincinnati. At least one or two cars go through every traffic light after the light turns red.

On our way home, we also stopped to get more milkshakes from Tickle Pickle

Their Flan Halen strawberry milkshake is my favorite.

And then we were pretty lazy again. At least, Premier League soccer is back on TV…

I woke up super early and caught the end of the Doosan Bears Korean baseball game, The Bears won 8-2. Leicester City drew 1-1 against Watford. And my Arsenal lost 2-1 to Brighton Hove & Albion. It’s really nice to have some sports back in my life. It makes things almost feel sort of normal again. Even though life is still not normal at all.

But it was a very pretty first day of Summer…

And a very good evening from Northside…

We’re having a pretty low-key start of Summer weekend. 😀🗓️❤️

COVID-19 Carryout: Taft’s Brewpourium.

After working on our front yard this afternoon, we ran over to Taft’s Brewpourium to support one of Northside favorites…

On Saturdays and Sunday, Taft’s Brewpourium has a special for a large two-topping pizza and a growler for just $27

Our pizza and growler was ready and waiting for us…

Our growler was filler with one of our favorites, Taft’s Hazy Colada

We also picked up a six-pack of Taft’s new beer, Love in the Tub

It’s a peanut butter mocha pie stout. It was incredible! And proceeds went to Taft’s Team Relief Fund to help currently out of work employees…

Our large pepperoni and sausage pizza was incredible too…

And we ate the entire thing. The Brewpourium is one of our favorite places. And we’ve missed it so much. We’re going to have to get another New Haven style pizza again very, very soon. 😀🍕🍻❤️

Lazy Saturday mornings are the best.

But Oscar just wanted to go on a walk…

Good morning from Northside. 😀🐾❤️

The laziest Saturday.

We didn’t do anything at all today. We got Chipotle for lunch. It’s been forever since I’ve had Chipotle. I finally got to try Chipotle’s chorizo and their queso. Together. Chorizo and queso together? It was really good stuff…

And then just watched a bunch of college basketball and football for the rest of the day. We thought about raking leaves in our backyard…

We’ll do it tomorrow or next weekend. Because doing nothing was pretty wonderful.

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