COVID-19 Carryout: Taft’s Brewpourium.

After working on our front yard this afternoon, we ran over to Taft’s Brewpourium to support one of Northside favorites…

On Saturdays and Sunday, Taft’s Brewpourium has a special for a large two-topping pizza and a growler for just $27

Our pizza and growler was ready and waiting for us…

Our growler was filler with one of our favorites, Taft’s Hazy Colada

We also picked up a six-pack of Taft’s new beer, Love in the Tub

It’s a peanut butter mocha pie stout. It was incredible! And proceeds went to Taft’s Team Relief Fund to help currently out of work employees…

Our large pepperoni and sausage pizza was incredible too…

And we ate the entire thing. The Brewpourium is one of our favorite places. And we’ve missed it so much. We’re going to have to get another New Haven style pizza again very, very soon. 😀🍕🍻❤️

A Friday night treat.

This evening Genifer brought us home a pre-St. Patrick’s Day treat… A growler of the Chocolate Mint Imperial Stout that tasted just like a Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie from The Woodburn Brewery Taproom in East Walnut Hills…

That is one really delicious beer! 😀🍻🍀❤️

Urban Artifact.

After dropping off Oscar at Genifer’s mom’s house, we stopped at Urban Artifact on the way home to get a couple of growlers to take with us to Michigan…

We got a taster to decide which flavors to get in our growlers…

There was an pretty awesome Elvis impersonator…

Did you know there’s live music every night of the week at Urban Artifact?

We got a growler of Keypunch key lime gose, The Gadget raspberry & blackberry sour ale and a howler of Keypunch infused with jalapeño and lime…

We love Urban Artifact. It’s our favorite Cincinnati brewery. And it’s just right around the corner from us. 🙂

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