Here we go again.

It was an overcast start to another work week…

The sun started to make a brief appearance this morning before getting enveloped by the clouds…

The sky looked really pretty. Good morning from Northside…

This evening it was just overcast and grey…

Good evening from Northside…

We had another one of the Kroger Prep+Pared Home Chef Express meals. We had the Asian Sesame Pulled Pork with broccoli and jasmine rice again…

It was so good again. The Asian glaze on the pulled pork was just amazing. At the grocery, we got a delicious little carrot cake to share for desserts this week…

It was the start of what’s going to be a crazy busy work week for me. I have two projects that both have deadlines on Friday morning. But I’ll get it all get sorted. Somehow.

While I was working on my stuff, we started watching Wanted on Netflix. It‘s wildly improbable and a bit ridiculous but very entertaining. 😀🌄☁️🥡🥕😰📺❤️

We watched a couple of classics.

Tonight, we watched a couple of classics on Disney Plus. First, we watched Willow

And then we watched The Black Hole

Genifer had never seen The Black Hole before. I remember having Maximillan, Vincent and Old Bob toys when I was little. It was pretty fun to watch a couple of classics that I hadn’t seen for a really long time. 😀📺❤️

Almost National Pizza Day.

This afternoon we went over to Taft’s Brewpourium for another lunch with our gift cards we got for Christmas…

We got their BBQ chicken wings too…

And we had one of Taft’s terrific Hazelnut Latte Coffee Milk Stouts

Only come to find out later that tomorrow is National Pizza Day. I guess we just got too excited and celebrated the delicious holiday early. 😀🍕🐔❤️

Lazy Saturday mornings are the best.

But Oscar just wanted to go on a walk…

Good morning from Northside. 😀🐾❤️

600 Timehops in a row.

Yesterday was 599th Timehop in a row…

So that means today was my 600th Timehop in a row…

There’s been some really good stuff lately in my Timehop…

Six years ago, we were on vacation in Puerto Rico

And there was this photo of the bud dog…

Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Timehop. 😀🦕❤️

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