And back to Gulow Street.

Good morning from Northside…

Instead of the annual Northside Fourth of July Parade, this year there were Fourth of July decoration destinations…

And one of neighbors at the end of our street was a decoration destination…

Good evening from Northside…

Later, we walked back down to Gulow Street

It was so good yesterday that we wanted to try more of items off their menu. Today, we both ordered their burger with chips…

Gulow Street’s burger were amazing. Everything we’ve had at Gulow Street has been so good that we ordered a couple more items to go…

We really like Gulow Street.

When we got home, we hung out in our backyard for a bit…

Later, we ate our Gulow Street takeaway…

Sesame noodles…

And the ham & butter sammich…

Both we just terrific.

And four years ago, we still had grass in our backyard…

What a great Saturday. 😀🌄🏡🍔❤️

More Happy Pi Day!

Genifer brought home pie from O-Pie-O in East Walnut Hills for dinner tonight…

This is a slice of O-Pie-O’s Greek Quiche. It was pretty outstanding. She also brought home a slice of their lemon pie for dessert. And it was incredible as well…

There were so many delicious pies today. I wish we could have Pi Day every day. They should really extend Pi Day to Pi Week instead because I would have liked the pie to go on forever.  😀🥧❤️

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