It’s a sign.

Even though the business has closed it’s doors, I hope this sign hangs above Vine Street in downtown Cincinnati forever. 😀⚠️❤️

Le’s Pho & Sandwiches.

Today, I walked over to Court Street to get lunch from Le’s Pho & Sandwiches

I ordered a Chicken Bahn Mi sammich and an egg roll…

Their sammiches are very delicious and really inexpensive. 😀🍜❤️

Rhinegeist on Spring Grove?

We took a different way home from work this evening. We went home up Spring Grove Avenue and we passed by this huge new building in Camp Washington just around the corner from Northside…

It must be a Rhinegeist brewing or canning facility. I wonder if they’re going to put a taproom in there as well? I guess we’ll have to wait and see… 😀👻❤️

Downtown Cincy Pop Shop.

Downtown Cincinnati Inc. has partnered with the City of Cincinnati to develop pop-up shops that bring together entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and small businesses with local property owners to fill vacant spaces and activate downtown. The first of these new pop-up shops is on Main Street next to Aronoff Center…

It’s a really cool idea. We can’t wait to check out this pop-up shop on Friday. 😀🛍️❤️

Pumpkin patch pop-up.

When we were out walking the dogs this morning, we saw that the stop sign at the end of our street had a precarious lean to it like someone tried to push it over…

I put in a service request to have it repaired on the FixItCincy app. So hopefully, it’ll get fixed soon. When we got to the top of the hill at the end of our street, there was a pop-up pumpkin patch in front of the Montessori school…

and of course, Mack had to sniff each and every pumpkin…


It’s a sign.

They’ve just made the right lane on Main Street downtown a Bus Only lane during the morning and evening rush hours. Here’s the brand new Bus Only sign at the stop where I wait for the Metro 17 bus on Main Street between Eighth and Ninth Streets…

Officials said about 635 Metro buses travel on Main Street between Fifth and Central each weekday. Of those, 90 use the far-right lane to pick up passengers at stops along Main during afternoon rush hour from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

This lane is the first of its kind in Cincinnati.

It’s nice to see the buses getting some preferential treatment for a change. 😀🚌❤️

Everything is Awesome!

On my way back from Skyline to the office, I passed by this construction work taking place on Sixth Street…

Classic. Awesome indeed. 😀👍❤️

One year ago today.

On October 10, 2017, USMNT lost 2-1 away to Trinidad & Tobago and as a result, they failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986…

Today on the one year anniversary of the darkest day in U.S. Soccer history, the US Soccer Federation released this statement… 

“Today we look forward. With the march towards 2022 underway and the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America as our guidepost, the U.S. Men’s National Team has embarked on a new journey. The hallmarks of the culture remain, with perseverance, grit and dogged determination fueled by the pride to represent the United States and each and every one of you. We take nothing for granted. The path ahead will be paved with successes and informed by setbacks. We will build strength through commitment and character, accepting challenges and rising every time we fall. We will be aggressive and play without fear, for history demonstrates that fortune favors the bold.

“Like any grand project, ours is a work in progress. We cannot do it alone. Pioneering a new path forward takes the will of a generation full of optimism and hope, bound by the belief that there is nothing we cannot achieve if we are united in the cause. This is the American spirit, from which is born the American dream. It is time to take our destiny in our own hands and turn that dream into a reality. And do it together. The future is US.”

Blah. Blah. Blah. The National Team has a whole bunch of bright talented youngsters that are starting to emerge from the ranks. But they still haven’t even hired a new coach for the National Team. I hope things start to get better soon for our team, and they can get thing s back to where they were and then start figuring out how to take things to the next level. But they sure are taking their sweet time. 😀🇺🇸⚽️❤️

It’s a sign.

One of my favorite signs of all time around Cincinnati is the one I get to see almost every day. It’s a sign for Word Play Cincy‘s Urban Legend Typewriters

At Urban Legend Typewriters, they sell refurbished typewriters of all ages and also offer cleaning and repair services so you can make sure your typewriter is always in top condition. 100% of the proceeds go to supporting Word Play’s students and programs…

Check out which typewriters are currently for sale! 😀❤️

It’s a sign.

Seen and noted in Northside. 😀🦖❤️