And a cherry on top.

On our way home from work tonight, we stopped at Northside Distilling Company for a happy hour drink…

I’m in love with their White Russian called The Dude. It’s one of my favorite drinks in all of Cincinnati. And it was an Old Fashioned for Genifer. She love’s a good Old Fashioned…

I finally got a few decent photos of one of the cherries for our drink being carmelized…

Northside Distilling Company makes some pretty outstanding cocktails. 😀🥃❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This evening we went out to celebrate Valentine’s Day! We talked about grandiose plans and expensive dinners. But instead, we just stopped at new favorite place Northside Distilling to try one of their special Valentine’s Day cocktails

Genifer ordered The Bless Your Heart…

And I ordered The Dudette. Don’t judge me. It was delicious…

Then we headed back to Northside and stopped at Chameleon for a couple of cheese pizza slices and BBQ chicken wings. We’re not fancy…

Chameleon’s pizza and wings are both out of this world! Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day plans are the simplest. 😀💝🥃🍕❤️

Thirsty Thursday: QCE, NSD & NYPD.

After work, we stopped back at Queen City Exchange for a beer…

It’s such a fun place with so many great beers. Then we walked across the street to have a drink at our other new favorite place, Northside Distilling

I love their cocktail called The Dude. It’s their take on a White Russian…

It’s delicious. And speakingof delicious, on the way home we stopped at NYPD to pick up one of their delicious cheese pizzas for dinner…

I really love Thursdays. 😀🍺🥃🍕❤️

Northside Distilling Company.

After work this evening, we finally stopped at Northside Distilling Company on Court Street in Central Business District…

But first we stopped to admire the Artworks Cincinnati Toy Heritage mural…

And back to Northside Distilling Company

When we first heard about the Northside Distilling Company, we thought it was weird that it was located in Central Business District and not well, in Northside. But after hearing about their story from our bartender, Luke it all made sense…

The Northside Distilling Company started in the way that any good distillery starts, with friends. Some friends began home brewing in the basement, which lead to an interest in distilling. After purchasing a 13 gallon still and two years of paperwork later, Northside Distilling Company was born!

They outgrew the old barn in Northside, and in April 2017, expanded to our current production facility and bar front on Race Street right in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.


Northside Distilling is such a great little place with some really fantastic drinks. 😀🥃❤️

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