It’s a sign.

Most Thursdays on our way home from work, we stop someplace to have a drink and maybe a bite to eat. Tonight, we stopped into Queen City Exchange again

We like that place. 😀🍺❤️

Queen City Exchange.

We stopped at Queen City Exchange after work this evening because now QCE has boozy slushies! They just added Bourbon and Frozén Rosé slushes! We tried one of their bourbon slushes and they’re are pretty dang delicious…

As we were getting ready to leave, all the beer prices dropped to $3 for 12 ounce pours…

We asked our bartender about what was going on. He said QCE does this about once a month so that people can try a bunch of different beers in smaller sample sizes. And that’s pretty cool. We love Queen City Exchange. 😀🍹🍺❤️

Thirsty Thursday: QCE, NSD & NYPD.

After work, we stopped back at Queen City Exchange for a beer…

It’s such a fun place with so many great beers. Then we walked across the street to have a drink at our other new favorite place, Northside Distilling

I love their cocktail called The Dude. It’s their take on a White Russian…

It’s delicious. And speakingof delicious, on the way home we stopped at NYPD to pick up one of their delicious cheese pizzas for dinner…

I really love Thursdays. 😀🍺🥃🍕❤️

Queen City Exchange.

After work this evening, we stopped by Queen City Exchange on Court Street…

Queen City Exchange is Cincinnati’s first and only stock exchange-themed bar, featuring a whopping 41 beers on tap with prices that rise and fall depending on demand. From QCE’s website…

Located between Cincinnati’s Central Business District and Over the Rhine, QCE offers a drink concept unique to the city with craft beer offered anywhere from $3.50 to $9 solely dependent upon customer demand.

It’s such a fun concept. We always go to Kalamazoo Beer Exchange whenever we visit my parents up in Michigan, and it’s always a really good time. In fact, it’s probably one of our very favorite bars. We went in hoping QCE would bring a bit of the same KBE vibe to our backyard in downtown Cincinnati…

And they have a popcorn maker…

We love it when places have popcorn. It’s a really great space…

Time to get down to business…

QCE had a lot of great beers on tap. And they are a verified venue on Untappd! I think that’s great because I can always easily see what QCE has on tap via the Untappd app as well as receive updated on new beers they tap and any upcoming events. We had a couple of beers, a couple helpings of popcorn, and had a lot of fun watching the prices fluctuate while we tried to plan our next beer. We had a great time.  We’ll definitely be back very soon. And hopefully, next time we’re in the Queen City Exchange beer market will crash!

Downtown details.

Today is October 28th, and today’s high is near 70º. And noon today, the ice skating rink on Fountain Square is officially open for the ice skating season… 

Because why wouldn’t you want to ice skate before Halloween?  Or have an Halloween costume contest ON the ice? Makes perfect sense to me. :/

Another head-scratcher is the location of the Queen City Exchange on Court Street…

Queen City Exchange is one of those bars with stock market-style beer pricing. Prices change in 25-cent increments as supply and demand of different beers fluctuate. Prices drop dramatically during three-minute “market crashes” announced by a ringing bell. After the market “closes” at 9 pm, beer prices will be fixed for the rest of the night due to some silly Ohio law.

It’s really a pretty fun bar concept as we got to witness first hand up in Michigan at Kalamazoo Beer Exchange. It’s just a really odd location because there isn’t anything else nearby. :/

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