It’s nice to be home.

Our first day back home and of course, it was a cold and rainy morning…

Welcome back to Ohio and good morning from Northside…

We ran over to the grocery because we didn’t have any food in our house…

It’s the middle of November and there were Christmas display all over the store. I chose to ignore all that nonsense. I could ignore this giant lion…

Kroger had the panda bear and the train back on the shelf again today…

I forgot to look at the balloons. I bet there were some great Thanskgiving balloons. Hopefully, I’ll remember to look if we go to the grocery store next weekend.

After the grocery, we stopped at Mad Llama for Sunday morning coffee…

One of my favorite sayings is, Comparison is the thief of joy. On our way home, we had a discussion about which was better: the Espresso Shake from Sunset Ice Cream in Duck OR the Caramel Java Whip from Mad Llama. They are both really good. I think I like the Java Whip from Mad Llama better because it’s soft serve, coffee AND caramel, which is a good thing because we can get to Mad Llama a lot easier than we can get to Sunset Ice Cream. But why compare? Why not just enjoy both?

We have some leaves to rake in our backyard…

But it was so rainy this morning that we’re not going to be able to rake them today. The leaves were so wet. That’s fine because we just wanted to be lazy today. And the sky still looked pretty ominous…

I think Mack was really happy to be back home again…

Later, we took the dog’s around the block and the sky was so pretty…

And good evening from our backyard…

I took all the photos this evening with my little DJI Osmo Pocket. And they turned out really nice, even in low light. The contrast was much better than my mobile’s camera. I think I need to find a different Android camera app to try. However, the DJI Osmo Pocket struggled with these night clouds that we saw from our backyard…

It was really nice to be back home. We pretty much laid around all day and watched football. I worked on my photos and videos a bit. We did laundry and got ready to get back to work tomorrow. Later, we finally finished The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. For a show about chess, it was really very good.

It’s fun to go place but it’s also nice to be back home. 😀🌄🦁☕️📺♟️❤️

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