An extra hour of Sunday.

It’s hard to believe that today is November 1st…

It was pretty nice getting an extra hour of sleep this morning…

Good morning from Northside with an extra hour later…

This morning we made these pillsbury Chocolate Chip Sweet Biscuits for breakfast…

They’d become somewhat of a running joke. Every time we were at the grocery, I’d point them out to Genfiier and ask if she wanted to get them. She’s always say no. And I just kept asking every trip for months. Finally the last time we were at the grocery, they were on sale. I put them in our cart and here we are…

They were pretty good. They were remarkably similar to the Pillbury cinnamon rolls. Since the oven was already warm, Genifer made some Snoopy cookies too…

Of course, I focus on the one cookie that’s upside-down. And we learned how to draw Snoopy heads…

And then we just hung out for the rest of the afternoon…

Good evening from Northside…

We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Before dust cheese…

After dust cheese…

After dust cheese with garlic bread…

Gosh. I love spaghetti and meatballs with dust cheese and garlic bread.

We went back out in the backyard to play some more…

After we eat dinner and go outside, we give the dogs their evening treat of a couple of hot dogs chunks so Mack can get his allergy medicine…

Hot dogs might just be the favorite part of Mack’s day.

And I captured this horrible photo of tonight’s full moon…

Any time you can get an extra hour of Sunday, it’s a good thing.

Having just watched Maleficent on Friday night, we watched Maleficent 2 tonight. It was another pretty good movie. 😀🌄⏰🍪🍝📺❤️

My new Wyze Band.

My Fitbit Charge3 has been acting up lately and slowly dying. The screen has been gradually fading from the center out, making it impossible to read the time or any of the other information the watch provides…

I contacted Fitbit about this. Their response was to offer me 35% off the purchase of a Fitbit because my Charge 3 was first activated in December of 2018. And it seems that the Fitbit’s limited warranty, which covers the device for one year, has expired. Even with their discount, a new Fitbit would be over $90. It’s seems like a lot of money for something that doesn’t even last two years.

We like our $20 WyzeCams so I decided to try their Wyze Band instead…

The Wyze Band is just $24.99. That sounds like a much better value to me….

After setting up my Wyze Band and playing with it for a while. It doesn’t everything my Fitbit used to do. So I’ll be seeing you, overpriced Fitbit.

Thanks, Wyze! You’ve done it again! 😀⌚️❤️

Well… Hello, November.

It’s funny because it’s so true. Everything was going along just swimmingly and then, BAM! Hello, November. I really can’t believe it’s already November. This year has been so messed up.

I really love Milk & Mocha bear. 😀🐻🗓️❤️

Don’t forget.

Don’t forget to change your clocks back and don’t forget to vote! 😀🕑🗳️❤️

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