My new Wyze Band.

My Fitbit Charge3 has been acting up lately and slowly dying. The screen has been gradually fading from the center out, making it impossible to read the time or any of the other information the watch provides…

I contacted Fitbit about this. Their response was to offer me 35% off the purchase of a Fitbit because my Charge 3 was first activated in December of 2018. And it seems that the Fitbit’s limited warranty, which covers the device for one year, has expired. Even with their discount, a new Fitbit would be over $90. It’s seems like a lot of money for something that doesn’t even last two years.

We like our $20 WyzeCams so I decided to try their Wyze Band instead…

The Wyze Band is just $24.99. That sounds like a much better value to me….

After setting up my Wyze Band and playing with it for a while. It doesn’t everything my Fitbit used to do. So I’ll be seeing you, overpriced Fitbit.

Thanks, Wyze! You’ve done it again! 😀⌚️❤️

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