Downtown details.

Here are some random photos from around downtown from throughout the last week.
The week got off to a really chilly start…

When we were walking Oscar one night, a whole bunch of fire trucks showed up for a false alarm at the P&G GO Towers…

Something happened to the lights in the stairwell in our building. Now the it’s eerily dark with a pretty creepy red tint to it…

We watch a lot of shows about ghostly hauntings. The way the stairwell is lit right now, we find ourselves watching for spirits lurking in the shadows out of the corner of our eyes…

We walked by some chilly broomball taking place on Fountain Square…

They’re making a bunch of progress on the new Holiday Inn on Seventh Street…

And of course, we took some walks down to Lytle Park…

The progress on whatever it is they’re doing to Lytle Tunnel underneath Lytle Park…

And just a couple cones hanging out on a Saturday night…

It’s really hard to walk around downtown and not take a bunch of photos. 🙂

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