Lunch at Americano.

After running some errands around downtown, we stopped back into Americano to share a burger for a late lunch. Because it wouldn’t be a weekend if we didn’t stop in for a delicious burger from Americano. This time we tried The Mexican topped with Rafa’s guac, fried jalapeños, pepper jack, queso fresco and mayo. And after a few chuckles about ordering Mexican at Americano, it was set down in front of us…

We got it with cajun fries, of course. And onion rings…

It’s such good stuff. The Mexican might just be my new favorite burger at Americano. Also not pictured were the order of their amazing wings with the house rub. We also ran into our friends Corey and Amy, who were also at Americano for an early dinner. It was fun to get to hang out with them for a little bit before we see them in Jamaica! 🙂

Fountain Square.

With it being so warm today, we were kind of surprised there was actually still ice for ice skating on Fountain Square. Regardless of the temperature, there are always people ice skating on the Square. Always. 🙂

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