Ludlow Garage Bistro.

Genifer picked me up from work this evening. On a whim on our way home, we stopped at Ludlow Garage Bistro in the Clifton Gaslight District for a little snack…

We shared the trio of deviled eggs. I love deviled eggs! One was filled with avocado yolk, one with a spicy jalapeno yolk and the center one below was a pickled egg filled with a standard deviled egg yolk center, all served over mixed greens…

The jalapeno one was pretty amazing. The heat really crept up on you very slowly. We also shared a grilled cheeses. And it was a very interesting grilled cheeses. It had both a bacon jam and a tomato jam on it. It was really good. Just very much unlike any other grilled cheeses I’ve ever had. It had a cute, clever name but I can’t recall what it was, and I can’t seem to find their new menu anywhere online. So…

It came with pasta salad. And we added a side of fries. It was a great little snack. We’d like to stop back at some point to try some of their other menu items like their Cuban sammich. I love Cuban sammichs. And Live at the Ludlow Garage looks like an pretty awesome place to catch some live music too. Very intimate. πŸ™‚

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