We have our Jetta back!

We picked up our Jetta today from CARSTAR Collision Care of Southgate

So clean and sparkly. They did a really nice job with exterior. You wouldn’t even know that it got demolished when some jackass rear-ended Genifer over in Kentucky back in the middle of June…

This is what it looked like the evening after it happened…

And a few days later when they were picking it up to take it in to the body shop…

In the meantime, we had been driving this 2016 Nissan. It was a pretty nice car. Definitely bigger than the Jetta, which worked out nicely for our move. And it had bells and whistles that they didn’t have all the way back in 2008 like a rearview camera and push-button start…

It was fun to drive a new car but I don’t think I would want to own it. It just wasn’t the Jetta. All I know is, it was nice to look out the bedroom window this morning and finally see our Jetta sitting out in front of our house…

I really love that dang car. And once again all is right with the world. πŸ™‚

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