French Fry Heaven.

We were pretty hungry after the FC Cincinnati match, so we walked down Calhoun Street to check out French Fry Heaven for the first time…

French Fry Heaven just opened on University of Cincinnati’s campus back in April and is known for “having divinely inspired loaded fresh cut fries, chicken tenders, baked potatoes and fresh cut chips.”

We both ordered loaded fries because it’s called FRENCH FRY Heaven…

It was surprisingly empty for being a Saturday night right after a soccer game…

Then our number was called and our spuds were ready. Genifer ordered the Chili and Cheese fries…

And I ordered the Buffalo Chicken fries…

It was delicious stuff. The fries were pretty awesome, and there were smothered in toppings as you can see. But we ordered way too much food. Again…

I couldn’t help think while we were eating our delicious loaded spuds that we’ve had something like this before but I couldn’t place it. And then it finally dawned on me. I was eating a bigger, tastier version of FryBox down at Great American Ball Park!

I can definitely see us being back, especially after a FC|C match. Genifer said next time she would just get a small order of fries with cheese sauce dip. I’d really like to try the Taco Loaded Fries or some chicken tenders. See you soon French Fry Heaven. 🙂

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