Downtown details.

Crossing Main Street at Eighth looking south…

And the Artworks mural on Eighth Street that reproduces an original masterpiece by wildlife artist and conservationist, John A. Ruthven. The mural shows Martha, the last passenger pigeon, and her flock soaring over historic Bird Run at the Cincinnati Zoo…

It serves as a daily reminder to downtown residents, workers and visitors of the importance of wildlife conservation and the reality of extinction. It’s one of my favorites out of all the Artworks murals around Cincinnati. I marvel at the detail and am awe of the talent it took to complete this mural everytime I walk passed it.


Christmas carnage, part 4.

The carnage continues. When it’s February 1st, the Christmas tree has to go…

When I saw this tree earlier this morning, it was wrapped in an enormous plastic bag as well. I just find it really odd to wrap a tree up in a plastic bag to discard it. And exactly where do you find a bag that big? :/

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