Lunch at Americano.

After running some errands around downtown, we stopped back into Americano to share a burger for a late lunch. Because it wouldn’t be a weekend if we didn’t stop in for a delicious burger from Americano. This time we tried The Mexican topped with Rafa’s guac, fried jalapeños, pepper jack, queso fresco and mayo. And after a few chuckles about ordering Mexican at Americano, it was set down in front of us…

We got it with cajun fries, of course. And onion rings…

It’s such good stuff. The Mexican might just be my new favorite burger at Americano. Also not pictured were the order of their amazing wings with the house rub. We also ran into our friends Corey and Amy, who were also at Americano for an early dinner. It was fun to get to hang out with them for a little bit before we see them in Jamaica! 🙂

Fountain Square.

With it being so warm today, we were kind of surprised there was actually still ice for ice skating on Fountain Square. Regardless of the temperature, there are always people ice skating on the Square. Always. 🙂

Seen and noted.

When we were walking home from Nicholson’s, we saw Chris Young’s tour buses outside of the Aronoff Center waiting to load up after his show tonight…

Genifer really likes her some musical stylings of Chris Young. 🙂

Happy birthday to me!

Today was my birthday! Genifer surprised me this morning with a couple of birthday donuts and an awesome birthday drawling…

She draws the very best trees. 🙂 I survived Deskey Cleaning Day at work today! We worked all day long to eliminate as much of the clutter as we could that has been accumulating in the office over the last few years. Not exactly the ideal way to spend your birthday. At all. :/ But I survived! We took Oscar on a walk…

And later this evening we went over to Nicholson’s to have some birthday drinks…

And we got to listen to Floyd & The Walkmen. They’re one of our favorites…

Good stuff. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them play. It was a really fun birthday! 🙂

ps. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! 😀

Good morning!

It was another beautiful morning in downtown Cincinnati. Just look at that sky…

It was especially beautiful after you slap an Instagram filter over one of those photos…

Good morning from downtown Cincinnati. 🙂

Jet’s, Jet’s, Jet’s!

Tonight, we ordered a delicious Jet’s Pizza and Jet’s Triple Cheese Turbo Stix!

Delicious stuff! I really love Jet’s. They definitely got my birthday weekend got off to a great start! 🙂

ps. Check out Jet’s “Perfect Couple” combo just in time for Valentine’s Day…

Because nothing says loving like Jet’s Pizza! 🙂

Cyclones hockey game #9.

Tonight, we went to our 9th Cyclones hockey game of the season at US Bank Arena.
Our Cyclones were playing the Indy Fuel. Again. It seems like in the nine games we’ve been to so far this season, we’ve only seen the ‘Clones play three or four teams…

At the end of the first,  the Cyclones were up 2-0!

At the beginning of the third, it was still 2-0 Cyclones…


And that’s how it would end, 3-1 Cyclones! 

Win or lose, the Cyclones games are always fun! 🙂

#TBT Pause for paws.

I really miss my bud dog. 😥

Taken with Instagram.

Here are a  few photos I took with my Instagram today.
If this stays in our building’s mailroom much longer, I’m going to be sporting a sweet new ride soon…

Why wouldn’t there be a life-sized porcelain chimp buckled into someone’s back seat?

It was Skyline time for dinner!

And we played some ball with Oscar…

It was a pretty good Tuesday. Taken with Instagram. 🙂

Nation Kitchen & Bar.

Tonight, we walked up into Pendleton just passed the casino to go celebrate Genifer’s first day at her new job at Nation. It’s been a minute since we were last at Nation, and that’s much too long…

We finally got to try Nation’s fried bologna sammich…

And it was outstanding! Of course, we got some loaded tots to go with our sammich…

The courtyard behind Nation is very pretty.

And I love my little urban alleys…

You really can’t beat Nation. You can’t beat it at all. 🙂

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