A little bit earlier every year.

Just like the ridiculous ice skating rink on Fountain Square, that holiday tree seems to arrive a little bit earlier every year…

It makes me a little ill that they cut down a big beautiful tree every year. I really wish they would find a more sustainable alternative to cutting down a tree. Taken with Instagram. 😕🎄❤️

More Christmas carnage.

We saw more Christmas carnage on our walk this morning…

Poor Christmas tree.😦

Christmas carnage!

The holidays are over, and people have started discarding their Christmas trees like yesterday’s news. Welcomed into your home, decorated, adored, celebrated and then kicked to the curb. It’s kind of sad really. When we were on our dog walk this evening, we noticed the first tree out on the curb waiting for trash day pick up tomorrow…

Poor Christmas trees. It’s kind of sad really. 😦

Our Christmas carnage.

We set our little Christmas tree out by the curb this morning. It was an awesome little tree that we loved very dearly during the holiday season…

We set our tree out a little earlier than I would have liked. But last year we missed the tree pick-up days and our tree hung out on the side of our house all year because we couldn’t be bothered to chop it up…

It was kind of sad when I came home from work this evening and they were no longer on the curb. 😀🎄❤️

Christmas carnage.

Christmas trees have begun to make their way out streetside to the curbs again

Poor Christmas tree. 😀🎄❤️

Christmas carnage.

Christmas carnage! Our pretty little Christmas tree is outside waiting for Christmas tree recycling day…

It was such a pretty little tree. And we enjoyed it so much. 😊🎄

Christmas carnage, part 5.

The carnage continues. We don’t which is more strange, that someone just now taking down their Christmas tree or that they decided to stuff their entire Christmas tree into one of our building’s recycling bins…

Odd. Hopefully this is the last of this year’s Christmas Carnage. 🙂

Christmas carnage, part 4.

The carnage continues. When it’s February 1st, the Christmas tree has to go…

When I saw this tree earlier this morning, it was wrapped in an enormous plastic bag as well. I just find it really odd to wrap a tree up in a plastic bag to discard it. And exactly where do you find a bag that big? :/

Christmas carnage, part 3.

Still more Christmas carnage

And we contributed to the carnage by taking out our little Christmas tree

You were a really nice little tree and so pretty. We enjoyed you thoroughly.
Thanks for making our holidays so festive. 🙂

UPDATE:  Some put their Christmas tree in an enormous plastic bag and set it out on the curb. I can honestly say, I’ve never seen anything like that before…


Christmas carnage, part 2.

More Christmas carnage

Poor Christmas trees. 😦