Reds baseball game #7.

We went down to the ballpark to take in our seventh Reds game of the season. And it was a perfect afternoon for baseball. Just perfect. And the DirecTV Blimp was hovering high above Cincinnati again

It was the final game of the series between the Reds and the Seattle Mariners. So why wouldn’t there be a big pail of glow-in-the-dark light sabers and T-Rex dinosaur swords outside of GABP for a day game? And no. I did not buy one. I didn’t have any cash.

The DirecTV Blimp was overhead almost the entire game…

I remember when my parents used to take us to Cubs games, one of the free giveaways we got more than once were Cubs painter hats. I hadn’t thought about or seen a baseball painter hat in years. I wonder if our Cubs hats are still at my parents house in Michigan?

The Mariner’s Robinson Cano…

And he ended up on third…

Votto might be struggling right now. But I still get a tingle when he steps to the plate…

The Sunday live Reds mascot race…

This one belongs to Mr. Redlegs. He owned today’s race…

The Reds dropped another one. And ended up getting swept by the Mariners. :/

Oh well. It was a gorgeous day for a baseball game. And we got to see The Gies

Sundays like this are made for watching baseball, win or lose. 🙂

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