Lazy Sundays.

What is they say about the best laid plans? We planned to go over and check out Cincy Summer Streets on Hamilton Avenue in Northside. But we were lazy and slept in and then puttered and cleaned up a bit after last night’s little party. We ended up missing all of the Cincy Summer Streets festivities. And we were fine with that because it was stupid hot outside this afternoon. We were also planning to going over to checkout the last day of Bewilderfest at Urban Artifact

But we decided to wait to go until after we streamed the FC Cincinnati match against New York Red Bulls 2 live on YouTube. And that was a mistake. FC|C ended up losing 2-0. Both goals came on ridiculously absurd penalty calls, the first of which resulted in FC|C’s keeper being sent off in the 10th minute. It was farcical. Right then, we should have turned it off and gone and done something else. But we didn’t. We’re good fans. We suffered through that match. All the way until the final whistle. And as soon it was over, we started to get ready to head over to Bewilderfest. Then we heard a surprising loud thunder clap, looked outside to see this…

The sky looked like something out of Ghostbusters. And then it started pouring. The skies cleared a bit but it pretty much rained for the rest of the evening…

So we ended up being lazy and not really doing much all day. And I can’t say that I’m upset about that at all. 🙂

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