Django Western Taco.

When we moved into our house, Deskey gave us a $50 gift card to Django Western Taco in Northside as a house warming gift. Just a side note… I work for an amazing company. They’re always doing things like this to make their employees feel special and appreciated. I’ve never worked anywhere else where I’ve felt like part of a family. And I love that. I really love where I work. 😀

Deskey gave us this gift card. And tonight, we put it to good use…

We walked the couple blocks over to Hamilton Avenue and then a few more blocks down Hamilton until we arrived at Django…


The interior of Django from the bar looking back towards the front door…

Turns out Chef Josh Campbell of Mayberry fame took over ownership at the beginning of the year. It was an awesome surprise getting to run into him. It’s a small world. And I’m glad he’s back in town. Here’s the view behind the bar at Django…

Genifer started with a classic margarita and chose to make it a spicy one by adding a bit of habañero puree. She got it about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5, and it definitely had some heat to it. I got a Miller High Life because I jumped the gun and ordered a beer before hearing about the margaritas…

We started with queso and chips and salsa…

The salsa was really good. And the queso was outstanding. Some quesos arrive as molten cheese and as they cool solidify into a unmanageable, impenetrable brick of cheese. Not this queso. It was perfect from first scoop until the last. And we also ordered some tacos. You have to order tacos…

From left to right, we had the fried chicken taco, carne asda, fried shrimp and carnitas. Genifer like the carne asda and carnitas the best. I like the chicken and shrimp. All were really delicious. We washed down our meal with a round of margaritas. I had a peach with just a splash of the habañero puree and Genifer had another classic, but non-spicy without the puree this time…

Great stuff! And we still have money left on our gift card! When we come back next time, we’re going after the Jerk Chicken Quesadilla. Thanks, Chef Josh. And thank you, Deskey! I see Django qucikly becoming one of our favorite spots in Northside! 🙂

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