Homemade soft serve ice cream.

For Christmas, Genifer’s mom got me this Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker

And tonight, we finally got to test it out. We mixed up all the ingredients for a simple chocolate ice cream. Only instead of cocoa powder, we used Nestle Quik powder because why not? Hopefully, it’ll be like a glass of frozen chocolate milk…

While it it worked on making the ice cream, we filled up the mix-in containers…

I lost track of how long it took for the liquid ingredients we poured into the ice cream maker to actually become ice cream. It wasn’t the world’s fastest transformation by any stretch. But eventually, we had our very first batch of homemade ice cream…

And it was delicious stuff! So chocolately and good. Now we just need to work on our ice cream serving skills because our curly cones were kind of sad. I can’t wait to keep trying new flavors. This is going to be so awesome come the summer time. I see some soft serve pina coladas in our future. 🙂

Happy birthday, Josh!

Today is my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday, Josh!

We love you and we hope you had a very wonderful special day! 🙂

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