2016 Best Nine.

Here are our supposed 2016 Best Nine on Instagram

We thought it was odd that there weren’t any photos of our wedding in Jamaica or our new house that made either of out Best Nines. And that all of the photos were from the last three or four months. So we kind of took this with a grain of salt. To find your Best Nine, go to 2016bestnine.com. 🙂


Seven years ago…

Seven years ago, I started using an app called Foursquare which eventually spun off into another app called Swarm. So today was my Foursquare/Swarm birthday…

And I got my Foursquare/Swarm 2016 Year in Review today. I had over 6100 check-ins to earn 130 Mayorships over the past year…

Even after all this time, I still love my Foursquare/Swarm. 🙂

Good evening.

Some photos taken this evening from the bus on the way home from work…

And then a couple from our backyard…

Have a great new year weekend. 🙂

Spoon & Cellar.

When we were still living downtown, we watched the construction of the Holiday Inn on Seventh Street. We were kind of excited about it because it was supposed to have a restaurant and bar on the premises. And why wouldn’t you want a restaurant and bar literally across the street? We were hoping that they would get it completed and open before we moved out of downtown but that wasn’t the case. I heard from a coworker that they thought the new Holiday Inn was open and with it the new restaurant which is apparently called Spoon & Cellar

And today, I went over to grab a sammich to go for lunch…

They have some pretty good sounding stuff on the Spoon & Cellar menu. Being a restaurant in a hotel, it’s not the cheapest menu around but it’s not terrible. I ordered the Cellar Club sammich and headed back to work…

I love a good club sammich and this was a really great one! I can’t wait to try some of the other stuff on their menu. 🙂

Snowing in Northside.

It was snowing this evening in Northside. We were supposed to get a snow squall. But this is what we got instead as seen from our bedroom window…


Constructing Cincinnati.

This photo popped up in my Timehop today from a year ago

It was the start of the new parking garage on Sycamore between Seventh and Eighth Streets. And here’s a picture of what that project looks like today…


The garage has been completed, and is open for business. A large part of the building is covered with siding and over half of the building has the windows installed. That’s a lot of progress in a year. It still has a long way to go but it’s still lot of progress nonetheless.

I wonder how many apartment units this building will house, and what will be the starting price for those apartments. Just out of curiosity, I looked at the this this place’s sister property Seven at Broadway to see where those prices started, a one bedroom at Seven started at $1555-1655. YIKES! I imagine these will be in that same ballpark if not a little higher. Also out of curiosity, I looked to see where the starting prices were in our old building, Sycamore Place and our one-bedroom B unit now starts at $1355. With prices like those, it makes our house look like the deal of the century. And I think it really is. 🙂

Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day! The day after Christmas and it was almost 70º outside. It felt like Spring. We watched a bunch of soccer this morning and took Oscar for a couple of long walks around our neighborhood. It was so pretty outside…

We were thinking about walking down to Urban Artifact this afternoon before the Cowboys Monday Night Football game. But then the clouds rolled in and it started raining. Maybe next weekend, we’ll be able to get back to Urban Artifact. 🙂

#TBT Pause for paws.

Just thinking about the bud dog. 🙂


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Our first Christmas in our new house…

Santa remembered to stop at our house!

Oscar got a new dog bed for the first floor…

We had cinnamon walnut coffee cake from Genifer’s aunt and uncle for breakfast…

Later, we went over to Genifer’s mom’s house where it looked like Christmas exploded…

It was another really great Christmas! Thank you to everyone for all of the wonderful gifts. We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!🙂

Christmas Eve.

Oscar helped me wrap some presents this afternoon…

We tried to get Oscar to wear his reindeer antlers but he wasn’t having it…

We enjoyed some of the finest meats and cheeses in all the land while we watched some NFL Thursday Night Special football games on Saturday…

Genifer frosted some Christmas cookies…

And all our little Christmas trees were ready for their big day…


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