Total Solar Eclipse.

The last time the United States saw a total solar eclipse was in 1979. One of my earliest memories I remember is watching that solar eclipse through a pinhole projector. I don’t remember if we were in the pathway of the total eclipse back then or if was just a partial eclipse. But this time around, we were going to see a significant partial eclipse…

And here is today’s total eclipse as seen from my office window at work in downtown Cincinnati. I started recording a video on my iPod Touch around 2 pm. I let the video run for 45 minutes. I used the Hyperlapse app to  condense the footage of eclipse to just 3 minutes and 45 seconds. But that was still pretty boring and the changes were still really subtle so then I ran the condensed Hyperlapse video through YouTube’s Creator Studio to condense 45 minutes of eclipse down to just 37 seconds…

The partial eclipse was pretty dang impressive when you condense it to just over 30 seconds. 😀🌞🌘🌚❤️

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