Friday Funday.

My family all came to Cincinnati to visit for the weekend. Shannon and Greg arrived from Oakland after a whirlwind tour of Canadia. JJVE flew in to Cincy to begin an epic week long road trip. And my parents brought down a bunch of delicious Pizza King pizzas from Michigan for us to all enjoy tonight…

It sure was good to see everyone and catch up as they arrived and then stuff our faces full of delicious Pizza King pizzas. 😀🍕🍺❤️

It’s a sign.

Django Western Taco has a sign up in the window of their new location…

We can’t wait until they’re back up and running! Taken with Instagram. 😀🌮❤️

Bonomini Bakery.

This morning we stopped at Bonomini Bakery on Blue Rock Road in Northside…

We’ve never stopped into Bonomini before today. My family is all coming into town this evening, and I wanted to get a bunch of rolls for breakfast. I was thinking about stopping at Holtman’s in OtR. I’m really glad we didn’t. We definitely made the right choice. They had an incredible selection of breakfast rolls and sweet treats…

It’s pretty amazing to find out your neighborhood has been hiding such an incredible bakery from you the entire time we’ve been here! 😀🍩❤️

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