UberEats: Los Potrillos.

We ordered a whole bunch of delicious Mexican food from Los Potrillos in Clifton for dinner and had it delivered to us via UberEats

Los Potrillos’s Mexican food is really good. And UberEats was really quick tonight. Also, both of the bulbs in our dining room lamp burned out so we were eating without a light. It was so romantical. 😀🌯🕯️❤️

OrderUp: Los Potrillos.

We had Los Potrillos delivered again from OrderUp…

Sometimes you just need a really good ground beef chimichanga…

YUM! We really enjoy getting Los Potrillos delivered from OrderUp. 😀🌯❤️

The laziest Sunday.

We had the laziest Sunday. After the soccer game last night and the big international friendly tomorrow, we just laid around pretty much all day…

We did manage to pull ourselves off the sofa long enough to order more delicious Mexican food from Los Potrillos via OrderUp

And then it was right back to laying around and watching movies…

It was a pretty wonderful Sunday. 😀🌮🌯📺❤️

OrderUp: Los Potrillos.

When we lived downtown, we used to tap OrderUp to have dinner delivered every now and then. But the delivery times kept getting longer and longer. And eventually,
we gave up on OrderUp and we started using UberEats. For whatever reason, all the good restaurants we liked on UberEats gradually started disappearing to the point there are hardly any restaurants on the app anymore. Tonight, we gave OrderUp another try. We decided to have some delicious Mexican food delivered for dinner from Los Potrillos in Clifton’s Gaslight District. Mexican food always looks like such a hot mess especially when it’s to-go but it sure is delicious stuff! Genifer ordered some enchiladas with rice and beans…

I got my favorite, a ground beef chimichanga also with rice and beans…

We also got some Jalapeno Poppers but they weren’t very good…

But everything else was such great stuff! It’s a little dangerous to know someone will bring me a chimichanga at the push of a button. But pretty awesome at the same time. It’s good to know that OrderUp is back and there are a bunch of really great restaurants on there we’ll have to try. I can definitely see more OrderUp in our near future. 😀🌮🌯❤️

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