Random objects of desire.

There were two Lamborghini’s valet parked on Walnut Street outside of the Aronoff Center after tonight’s performance of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Some people have more money than they know what to do with, and they buy silly stuff like this. We park in the same garage as a Lamborghini that frequently shows up parked in front of nada at the corner of Walnut and Sixth Streets four blocks away from the garage. And here I thought the entire purpose of living downtown was being able to walk everywhere. Silly me. :/

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Tonight, we went to see the broadway musical version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Aronoff Center

We had really nice seats for the show…

It was really a pretty good show. Pretty true to the film. It made the jump from animation to live action pretty well. They added a few songs that were kind of annoying. The performer that played Gaston really stole the show for us. He was spot on. We were happy we got to see Beauty and the Beast live. But if it came back to town, we probably wouldn’t go see it again. It definitely wasn’t a Lion King. Next season, Disney’s The Little Mermaid is coming to the Aronoff Center so we’ll have to see where that one ranks amongst these two. 🙂

Good evening.

Good evening from downtown Cincinnati. There were some big beautiful white fluffy clouds hovering all over downtown this evening…


Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from Eighth Street in downtown Cincinnati! Taken with Instagram. 🙂

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