Northside Summer Market.

Today was the Northside Summer Market… 

For over 15 years, the neighborhood of Northside has been hosting an annual, community-wide yard sale in conjunction with Corridor127 — better known as The World’s Longest Yard Sale. The event transforms our neighborhood into a shoppers paradise and gives both residents and visitors a chance to weave in & out of Northside in search of some the city’s most eclectic finds

We wandered up and down a few streets in Northside before calling it a day on the yard sale. It was really warm out and we got a late start on getting out to rummage…

We walked by The Kitchen Factory, which already smelled like delicious pizza…

And we walked by the future home of Apple Street Market

Hoffner Street was closed off for the Northside Summer Market…

The really cool Northside t-shirts I saw at the Cincinnati T-Shirt Expo on Fountain Square were there…

Some day I’ll break down and buy one. She had really beautiful, gorgeous paintings…

And there was a beer garden at Northside About Space

Afterwards, we had some outstanding cilantro & lime chicken wings with Thai coconut milk broth and warm 16 Brix bread at The Littlefield

It was great to wander around and start to explore our new neighborhood a little bit. 🙂

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