Reds baseball game #3.

We got up and moving this morning because we had tickets to this afternoon’s Reds baseball game. Easter Sunday baseball church! And it was our third Red’s game of the season so far. We got down to Great American Ball Park a little early so we could try to find our Reds All-Star Legacy brick again. We looked and looked and looked for it last season but didn’t have any luck finding it. Today, we asked someone in the Reds Hall of Fame if they could help us track it down and they led us right to them. There five trees just to the Ohio River side of the Main Gate at Crosley Terrace. Each tree represents one of the five All-Star games Cincinnati has hosted in its illustrious past. We found our brick in the 1953 All-Star game grouping…

Pretty cool stuff! Thanks again to JJVE for getting us our Reds All-Star Legacy brick!

We were so excited to find our brick that I completely forget to take my usual photo of the outside of GABP before we headed in…

We had tickets up in the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics District again. But the ballpark was really empty so we decided to start the game in a virtually empty section of seats down the third base line…

We were sharing our section with this bird and that was pretty much it…

Sal Romano was making his first MLB start against the Brewers today…

Arismendy Alcantara has one of the greatest names of all times…

Arismendy Alcantara used to play for the Cubs. I loved when the Reds would play the Cubs just so I could say his name. And now he plays for the Reds! Hopefully, he starts getting more playing time soon.

While we were still sitting in the down the third place line, one of the Brewers hit a line drive foul ball that ricocheted off some seats, bounced off the nacho concession stand behind us, landed a few rows behind us and rolled under the seats and Genifer reached over to pick it up in the row behind us. And after 200+ Reds games, we finally have our first foul ball…

The live Sunday Reds mascot race…

And this one belongs to Mr. Redlegs…

I’ll always remember the seats where we got our very first foul ball at GABP. Section 109, row KK seats 19 and 20…

After that, we headed upstairs to the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics District…


On our way upstairs, we tried the new Cheetos popcorn…

It was really good stuff! Cheesy popcorn mixed with Cheetos….

The Reds got 10 strikeouts this afternoon. So close to more free pizza but yet so far…

And the Reds dropped this game to the Brew Crew 4-2…

It was a perfect afternoon for baseball. And about a half hour after we got home from the game, it started pouring and rained for the rest of the day. That’s what I call pretty perfect timing. I’m glad they were able to get the game in before the storm rolled in. 🙂

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