Reds baseball game #5.

I picked us up some tickets to this afternoon’s Reds versus Cubs game at GABP…

With the Reds playing the Cubs, it meant there were going to be a bunch of people at today’s game, more than a normal game…

We skipped the Crosley Terrace where we usually enter the ballpark because it was packed with people. As we approached the Terrace, Genifer thought they hadn’t opened the gates yet. They were open. It was just so many people that it didn’t look like they were moving at all…

We entered the ballpark through one of the lesser used gates down the first base line by Mr. Reds Smokehouse where there was no wait to get in…

It’s always amazing to be back at GABP…

It’s one of my very favorite places around…

Time Adelman was on the hill for the Reds this afternoon…

And Kris Bryant was back in the Cubs starting lineup after sitting the first two games of the series with an injury…

And the Cubs Anthony Rizzo was in the lineup too…

Jake Arrieta was on the mound of the Cubs…

Zack Cozart and Joey Votto both made this year’s National League All-Star team…


Hot dogs always taste better at baseball games…

Time for the live Reds mascot race…

And this one belongs to Mr. Red…

ARISMENDY ALCANTARA! One of the best names in all of baseball…

There were a lot of people at the game this afternoon…


The Cubs brought in Koji Uehara…

Cubs win. Cubs win. Holy cow. This one did not belong to the Reds. When the Reds took the first two games of the series, we knew that the Reds would more than likely not come out on the happy end of this game…

People must have been carrying those W flags around with them all weekend, just waiting and hoping that they would get a chance to unfurl them at some point…

It was great to be back at the ballpark. The only thing I miss about living downtown was being able to walk to Great American Ball Park to watch the Reds play baseball. 😀⚾️❤️

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