Our front yard.

The not-so-little little tree in our front yard has always had a pretty precarious lean to it. Come to find out, our neighbors called it The Leaning Tree of Northside…

We didn’t know what to do to try to rectify the situation. To try to get it to stand upright would be a long-term project and a more than likely a real chore. And if we could get it stand upright without the lean, it would hang into our neighbors driveway. It was really difficult to mow around because the branches were so low to the ground. And Genifer thought our not-so-little little tree was getting much too big for our little front yard because it blocked so much of the front of our house…

So this afternoon, we chopped down the not-so-little little tree in our front yard…

I got a little electric chainsaw from Lowe’s. We cut it down and chopped it up. And now our front yard is a blank canvas that we can make into more of what we had in mind…

Now we can replace the tree with little shrubs. I think the plan is to add stones in an L shape extending from our front path to where the tree used to be and then add some little shrubs along our front porch and one slightly larger shrub where the tree used to stand. It was odd to look at our OscarCam after we removed the tree. The cameras hadn’t updated the still photo on the home screen yet. Before removing the tree…

And after removing the tree…

Poor not-so-little little tree. It’s a shame someone did such a crappy job of planting you. 😦🌳❤️

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