Shrimp ‘n Jazz Festival.

When we were at Washington Platform last week, we noticed that they have a Shrimp ‘n Jazz Festival. I love shrimps. So we stopped tonight to check it out.
But guess what?

Shrimp ‘n Jazz Festival started on Friday. Today is Thursday. And that is what they call…
a bummer.

But since we were already at Washington Platform, we decided to eat anyway. Genifer ordered a side salad and twice-baked potato…

I ordered their Shrimp Casino, also known as bacon-wrapped BBQ shrimp…

Genifer out-ordered me tonight. Her potato was awesome. My casino had so much BBQ sauce on it. All you tasted was BBQ. It was just way too much BBQ. And I think that’s the first time I’ve ever made that statement. We got to look at the Shrimp Festival menu and it was pretty pricey. I was thinking we’re going to be good on Washington Platform for a little bit. But then the entire evening was salvaged because Washington Platform has some really amazing bread pudding…

And as much as I love shrimps. I love bread pudding even more. 😀🍤❤️

20th Annual Crab Carnival.

On our way home this evening, we stopped at Washington Platform at the corner of Court and Elm Streets in downtown Cincinnati…

As it turns out, Washington Platform was having their 20th annual Crab Carnival…

Genifer ordered the Findlay Market salad. And it was a delicious looking salad…

She doesn’t really like seafood all that much. I ordered the crab cake muffuletta…

The sammich was pretty good. But it was a lot of bread. I ended up just eating the crab cake and leaving the bread. And then it was pretty awesome.

And they had live jazz in the dining room…

We’ll have to come back to check out Washington Platform’s other events…

And we’ll definitely have to come back for half-price burger night Wednesdays…

Washington Platform was pretty good. We’ll definitely be back soon. 😀🥗🦀❤️

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