Weston Art Gallery.

I don’t miss many things about my old job. Not very many at all. But the one thing I miss the most was the location. I felt more centrally located in the Central Business District when I was located at Eighth and Main Streets. As opposed to now, being tucked away in this little armpit of downtown over by the Bengals Stadium. I just used to be really close to way more stuff. And one of the things I miss was being right around the corner from the Weston Art Gallery because the Weston always has some really interesting art exhibits.

On my way to the bus after work tonight, I was by the Weston and stopped in to see their current exhibition…

The current exhibition was called Emily Moores’s Felt Embrace. It’s an undulating and ornate suspended installation comprised of wood, paper, and fabric in the Weston’s street-level space…

In her intricate and ethereal installations, Emily Moores (Cincinnati, OH) investigates the affective dimensions of texture: the intimate interaction with an individual’s feelings and body without physical touch. Responding to the vertical expanse of the Weston’s street-level atrium,  Moores constructs Felt Embrace, a new suspended installation assembled from folded and cut paper and fabric that combines ornamentation and patterns in a unified monumental mass, fragile and detailed, yet also ominous and tumultuous. With this new installation, Moores’s recent addition of bold color into her work creates greater impact and dynamic contrast to its architectural setting.

It’s a really beautiful exhibition. I’ll have to try to stop back on Friday to see what is on display in their lower level.  😀🖼️🎨❤️

Weston Art Gallery.

I stopped by the Weston Art Gallery to check out the new exhibition, Mario Pascual • Three Works

Three Works is an selection of photographic manipulations that combines photography and everyday objects…

Interesting. Downstairs was a selection of photographs entitled After Industry, a selection of American and German photographers who examined post-industrial landscapes. Again, it was interesting. But nowhere near as interesting as the last exhibition, which I completely forgot to do a post about. The last exhibition, Another World featured paintings by the late Dennison Griffith, the former president of the Columbus College of Art and Design where I went to school. His paintings were a “surreal landscapes populated by a cast of colorful and biomorphic characters often tenuously tethered or supported by crutches or ladders.” And in the downstairs galleries was one of the coolest exhibitions that I’ve seen. It was called Lost in the Makinga series of intricately constructed miniature worlds by Christian Schmit. “His intimate and intricately constructed sculptures alluded to the secret and obsessive activities of unseen characters.” And it was one of the most amazing exhibitions I’ve ever seen. I could have stared at those little scenes for hours. The Weston Art Gallery always has something pretty neat. 🙂

Weston Art Gallery.

After checking out the Canstruction at Weston Art Gallery, I wandered downstairs to check out the latest exhibitions. 20 x 20 x 20 and Salli LoveLarkin: Artist, two new exhibitions that celebrate the twenty-year history of the Weston Art Gallery and its creation within the Aronoff Center for the Arts…

Another really interesting show. And definitely worth checking out if you’re downtown.

Click to see all the photos I’ve taken at Weston Art Gallery. 🙂

Canstruction 2016.

I was passing by the Weston Art Gallery and I noticed that it’s that time of year again… time for Canstruction, the 2016 edition!

Cincinnati Union Terminal made completely out of cans…

We CAN do it!

Nemo and Dory…

I’m not really sure about this one…

And the Roebling Suspension Bridge…

If it’s nice out this weekend, we’ll have to wander around downtown and try to find the rest of this year’s Canstruction entries. 🙂

Weston Art Gallery.

This afternoon I stopped by Weston Art Gallery to take a look at their latest installation, GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE Curated by Todd Pavlisko

According to the exhibition guide, “Inspired by the punk band Black Flag’s influential 1981 song of the same name, artist, independent curator and Cincinnati native Todd Pavlisko will present two multifacted presentations that examine the varied experience of amassing objects and the practice of collecting. In the Weston’s street-level space, Pavlisko will taken a unique approach to this idea by selecting artists who accumulate and amass objects to form sculptural installations.”

“In the lower galleries, GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE will segue into selections from several renowned yet private Cincinnati collectors. The region has a wealth of contemporary art collectors unintimidated by work that is socially conscious and often difficult in content. This rare and unique installation will unveil works never publicly shown in the area and shed light on how some individuals in our community collect and live with art.”

Another really interesting show. And definitely worth checking out if you’re downtown.

Click to see all the photos I’ve taken at Weston Art Gallery. 🙂

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