An afternoon at the Cincinnati Zoo.

It was a gorgeous fall Saturday afternoon today. How many more days are going to this beautiful? We had a couple of passes to the Cincinnati Zoo that we going to expire kind of soon-ish, so it sounded like a perfect idea to go spend the afternoon at the zoo, and check out the zoo’s new Hippo Cove for the first time…

It’s been a minute since we’ve been to the zoo

Walking around, it looked like they were just putting the finishing touches on hanging all the 2.5 million LED lights for the  34th annual “Wild Wonderland” PNC Festival of Lights, which starts next weekend on November 19th…

We can’t wait to to come back in a couple weeks for the Festival of Lights…

The red pandas are one of my favorites. They’re soooo cute…

Penguins are always a favorite too…

Ask about Aquaponies

Are they like seahorses? This peacock was just hanging out on top of a table in the sun…

Here it is… HIPPO COVE!

Hippo Cove was incredible! I could have sat there and watched the hippos all day. It was amazing to see them that active and so up-close and personal. They are very impressive!

The giraffes are some of our favorites too…

The bears were all crashed out…

And we exit through the gift shop…

It’s always amazing to spend an afternoon at the zoo. 🙂

Click to see all the photos I took during our afternoon at the zoo.

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