Second Place.

This evening we walked down Hamilton Avenue to check out a new sports bar called Second Place. It’s a sports bar filled with second place trophies, and it’s the second place from the owners of The Littlefield

Second Place has a pretty nice draft beer list but what caught our attention were those bourbon and featured slushes…

Second Place has a few special food items provided by The Littlefield…

I believe you can also bring in carry-out from The Littlefield and eat it at Second Place. But back to those bourbon slushes…

The slushes are incredible! They also have special hand-aged bourbon in oak barrels…

We were told this concoction had been aged for forty days. Second Place also has a pool table and darts…

And a really great back patio too…

We hung out, ate a couple baskets of free popcorn and watched the Pat’s win…

We didn’t realize that right next to Second Place’s patio was the iconic Northside mural…

Great place. I could see watching many a sporting event at Second Place in the future. Because those bourbon slushes are pretty dang amazing. 🙂

Pause for paws.

The sun was actually made an appearance this morning, and Oscar took full advantage of the ample sunlight flooding into our bedroom…


Nine months ago today…

Nine months ago today, we were married in Jamaica

It’s been a very magical nine months of wedded bliss. 🙂

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