Free Donatos pizza!

Whenever the Cincinnati Cyclones score five goals and win, you have five days to exchange your ticket for a free Donatos one topping pizza. After work this evening,
I picked up our free Donatos pizzas from Wednesday’s 7-4 Cyclones win over the Reading Royals.ย And Genifer found someone’s ticket on the ground as we were leaving US Bank Arena so we had three tickets to redeem for free pizzas…


I managed to get all three of them home on the bus without eating any of them…

And then it was finally time to eat free pizza…

Free pizza sure is delicious! A super big thanks to Donatos and our Cyclones for our free pizza pies! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Veteran’s Day.


Thank you to all the brave men & women who protect and serve our great country.
#USA #Murica

Image found on the intertubes.