Urban Artifact’s Squeezebox.

I met Genifer at Northside’s Hoffner Park this evening so we could walk over to Urban Artifact to try their latest creation, Squeezebox Strawberry Sour Bomb

We hadn’t been to Urban Artifact in a minute so we got a flight to try some of the new stuff they had on tap today…

From left to right, we tried Squeezebox Strawberry Sour Bomb, Letterbox Dark Tropical Ale, Peanut Butter Sliderule Chocolate Raspberry Gose and Skep Honey Nut Muffin Ale. Here is everything Urban Artifact had on tap this evening…

All of them were really amazing but Squeezebox was the clear standout. It was like sucking on one of those little strawberry hard candies

Urban Artifact also created four Squeezebox variants in 500ml bomber bottles…

There’s a Chocolate Strawberry Squeezebox, Spicy Margarita Squeezebox, Strawberry Margarita Squeezebox and Lemon Basil Sorbet Squeezebox. Walking home, the door to their production facility was open and we could see all the stacks and stacks of cans…

It was a very pretty evening walking home…

And now our refrigerator has some new friends…

But not for too long. We sat out on our back patio when we got home and shared the lemon basil sorbet Squeezebox. And it was just outstanding! Sooo good. I hope our whole #SPRINGinCINCY can taste like Strawberry Squeezebox…

Have we ever mentioned we love living in Northside? 🙂

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